Blackburn Ramblers 2023

Blackburn Rambling Association
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The Association was founded  in 1930 to promote and encourage ‘‘Rambling and Good Fellowship’’ and these aims form the basis of the Association’s philosophy today.

Blackburn Rambling Association is an affiliated member of  both the Ramblers Association and Peak and Northern Footpaths Society.

The Association walks every Sunday and these walks are generally within the area of up to one hour drive from Blackburn, with walks varying in distance from 6 - 16 miles.

The Association would welcome any new members, both existing walkers and people who would like to start walking.

So why not come for your  first walk with us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain -  walking in our beautiful countryside, breathing  real fresh air, walking in quiet open spaces, meeting new colleagues who may become new friends and generally having an enjoyable day out.

Walking is the ideal natural exercise for keeping your body and mind in good condition.'

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